Thrifty Car Rental: 15% off A Weekend Rental

It seems to be 15% off week in the travel industry. First, we have up to 15% off from Best Western (as well as some bonus points). And now, pick up 15% off your weekend car rental from Thrifty Car Rental. A great autumn trip: Join leaf peepers from around the world as you zip up Route 3 in New Hampshire in the fall.

Thrifty Deal

Everything you need to know, and then some.

The nice thing about rental car deals is that they are usually pretty straightforward. A promo code here, the correct dates there, and boom, you’re done. Such is the case with Thrifty’s promotion, which is offering 15% off weekend rental rates from September 1 – November 15. You’ll want to read the usual fine print in the terms and conditions, but the offer is pretty benign.

The Downside?

“There are two sides to every Schwartz”
-Dark Helmet, 1987

There are a few things that you will want to keep in mind as you look at the deal:

First, rental car deals are a dime a dozen. Just because an offer shows up in your inbox doesn’t necessarily make it the best one out there. You’ll want to check other coupon and comparison sites, such as Retail Me Not or AutoSlash. Rental rates change frequently, as well, so keep an eye on them.

The other question is around quality. I’m not a frequent renter from Thrifty, so I can’t speak either way about their service, but it’s generally worth it to spend a few extra bucks on a rental car. Let’s say you look around and this is the best deal that you find for the weekend that you want. See if your preferred agency is in the ballpark. You’ll probably appreciate the extras that you get in lieu of the price.

The Bottom Line

Every penny counts. If you need to rent a car in the next several weeks, check into the Thrifty deal.

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