Get up to 6X American AAdvantage Miles with Hertz

When it comes to rental cars, there’s no such thing as paying retail. There’s always a deal to be had and, usually, there are several. It makes comparing prices difficult but, if you have one bonus currency that you prefer, it becomes a little easier. If you prefer American miles, Hertz has a deal for you.

Up to 6X Miles with AA And Hertz

American Airlines and Hertz

The plus side to rental car deals, though, is that the promotions are usually pretty simple. Insert a code, pick the number of days that you want and check out the price. Done.

This deal is better than many mileage offers I have seen. Hertz is offering you either 4X or 6X the usual number of  American miles that you would receive (one mile per dollar spent), as well as a discount of up to 35%. It’s unlikely to get you enough miles for that trip around the world in first class, but every bit helps. Frequent Hertz car renters should be able to do well on this promotion. There are not may terms and conditions for this offer, but be sure to read them. Here are the ones to watch out for:

  • No miles on fuel, fees or taxes. Sorry about that, since they seem to make up 40% of your total price.
  • You need to rent for five or more days to get the full bonus. Fewer days than that will get you the 4X multiplier, which still isn’t bad.
  • The discount is up to 35% on leisure rates, not a flat percentage for every rental.
  • As always, there are geographic limitations. This one is limited to North America and much of Europe.
  • The offer is valid for pick-up through the end of the year.

One Last Note

The miles aren’t always worth it. Don’t switch to an inferior rental car company that happens to save you a couple of dollars per day or gives you extra points. The bonus you get may not make up for the long lines and poor customer service.

Also, check your credit card benefits. One of them may give you status with a rental agency that saves you time or money on your rental.


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