Use This Trick to Save 43% off Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi!

Many of you are traveling today and may consider buying Wi-Fi onboard. Here’s a quick guide on how to save 43% off your next Wi-Fi purchase!


Flying with Wi-Fi makes so many bad-to-mediocre flights bearable, especially during peak holiday travel patterns. Gogo, one of the larger providers, offers internet connectivity on most Delta, American, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines flights.

You fire up your browser, go to and buy a pass, right? Sure, it’s expensive, say $28 for an inflight pass on many transcontinental flights – but you’ve got time to kill.

Well turns out Gogo also sells passes on the ground that can be redeemed in the air, and they are dramatically cheaper than most in-air pricing.

Here’s how you get cheaper Wi-Fi:

1. Before you board your flight, go to

Click the banner – or the “Buy” button in the lower right corner

2. Click on “Buy a Day Pass” – $16 for all devices, $8 for mobile only (phone and tablet-based browsers) – 1 hr passes are $5 (if you just need a short fix mid-flight)

3. Log in to your account (or register for a new one)

4. Choose which credit card you want to pay with or enter your credit card details

5. Click “Buy”



Once You’re In the Air:

6. Again, go back to

7. Log in in to your account

8. Click “Have a Pass?”

9. A list of purchased passes will come up – click “Redeem” next to the one you purchased

10. Enjoy reduced price Wi-Fi!

Onboard, Gogo has a captive audience, so they can price their product higher because the reality of a 4 or 6 hours flight has set in, leaving passengers bored and looking for something to do.

Also, in-air flight passes are priced point-to-point (like airlines price city pairs), so expensive city to expensive city is priced higher than inexpensive city to inexpensive city even if they are the same flight distance – so some flight passes can be VERY expensive even if the flight isn’t that long.

Hope this helps make your upcoming holiday travel more bearable!



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