Get Free Las Vegas Comps before You Arrive with myVEGAS (Part 1)

For the high-rollers in Las Vegas, nothing is out of reach. A 3,000 foot suite? Free meals at the nicest restaurants in Las Vegas? Round-trip travel on a private jet? Puh-leeze, let’s go for something challenging, like skipping the restaurant and having the chef come to your suite and cook for you there.

Let’s face it: Most of us are never going to be playing the $10,000 per hand that the super-perks require, but that still doesn’t mean that you can’t get meals, hotel rooms, free play or even a cruise before ever spending a dime at the casino. And you can do it from the comfort of your own computer or phone.

Welcome to the free myVEGAS Slots site on Facebook (and for those of you who hate Facebook, simply set up an anonymous account; it’s free and easy). myVEGAS Slots (MVS) is a site run by MGM Resorts, the company that owns virtually every property on the west side of the Las Vegas Strip (as well as one on the east side). Their properties include famous ones ranging from The Mirage to Mandalay Bay to Bellagio, as well as less well-known ones such as Excalibur and Luxor. They’ll give you a bunch of red playing chips for free every day, which you can use to play the slots and earn loyalty points (LP). The LPs can be traded in for over a hundred prizes, ranging from a room discount on the low end to a cruise or VIP experience on the high end.

I’m going to start with the desktop/laptop version and discuss the mobile game later. First, just search for the game on Facebook.

MyVegas Facebook

You don’t have to have a free MGM loyalty number (Their program is called M Life.) to play, but you do need one to redeem. You can do everything online. Note that the points you accumulate through MyVegas and those you accumulate by playing with real cash in the casino are totally unrelated. This one is just for fun. And prizes.

Accumulating Chips

There are a number of ways to accumulate the red playing chips. First, they’ll give you freebies every day. Once per day, you can spin a wheel to receive chips. The more days in a row you play, the higher the multiplier they’ll give you. You’ll also gain “levels” as you play. The higher your level, the higher your potential daily bonus:

MyVegas daily bonus

Over time, you will build and accumulate Las Vegas strip properties. Each property will also give you bonus coins. The properties “reset” every few hours, so keep checking back to see what’s available.

MyVegas property bonus

But the best way to accumulate coins may be to join the Original MyVegas Friends Facebook group. The cover page will say that it is a closed group, but they do actually accept new members. There are a number of groups that share similar names. Here’s what the group members see:

MyVegas friends

Not only is the group’s “information desk a wealth of information about the game but group members also share bonus codes for extra chips as well as bonus chips that they earned while playing the bonus features in each slot game:

MyVegas Facebook share

There’s also a thread for “large chip shares,” which will include only bonus codes for 1,000 chips are more. You can accumulate tens of thousands of playing chips just through that one thread.

And, of course, they will try to sell you chips. Don’t waste your money. If you run out one day, just wait a few hours for your properties to reset or use a code from MyVegas Friends.

Helpful hint: Most players have an “alternative” Facebook account that they use just for MyVegas, so that they don’t mix up their MyVegas friends with their real account. You get bonuses for having more Facebook friends, so you’ll want to look for the “friend request” thread, which allows you to build up that friend count.

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