Free Las Vegas Comps from myVEGAS (Part 2: Game Play and Rewards)

Game Play

This is part two of two. For more about myVEGAS, you can also review part one.

Once you’ve launched the site and accumulated a few chips, it’s time to play the games. You’ll have a few slots to choose some at first, and then open more over time. The first game that they will offer you is “Excalibur.” Here’s a screenshot of what the game will look like once you launch it:

MyVegas ExcaliburThis is what the Excalibur game board looks like. Every board will have features that are unique to that particular game, but common features will help you keep track of how much you’ve won and how many chips you have left. Across the bottom, we see the following:

MyVegas Excalibur betThe circle on the left indicates that we are about halfway to our next loyalty points. I’m playing 30 lines, at 2,000 chips per line. Let’s move on to the top left (#1):

MyVegas menuThis is the game menu, where you can look at rewards, play other games or move around within the game. In the middle (#2):

MyVegas levelsThis shows that I’m at level 200 and need to play about 28,000 more to get to the next level. And finally, the best stuff is in the top right (#3):

MyVegas chips and loyalty pointsI have just over a million chips left to be played, while I also have 179,134 loyalty points, to be exchanged for prizes. The more you play, win or lose, the more loyalty points you will accumulate.

Loyalty points depend on the number of chips played, not on how much you win. In other words, they function much the same way that other Las Vegas comps work: The house doesn’t care whether you win or lose (because, in the end, you’ll lose), just that they get a shot at your money.

On the mobile version, the games operate slightly differently in terms of bonuses available and win rates, but you’ll still earn LPs the same way that you do on the desktop version. One note: Your LPs from the mobile game will be combined with those of the desktop version, but you will have separate chip balances in each. What this means is that, even if you run out of playing chips in one version, you will still be able to play in the other. It’s frustrating at first that the red chips aren’t combined but, once you see how fast you go through the chips, you’ll be glad that they aren’t.


And now the good stuff. There are over 100 rewards available, ranging from freebies and discounts at the low end…

MyVegas Rewards

to VIP experiences at the high end…

MyVegas VIP rewards

You can redeem three rewards every 30 days and have 90 days to use the rewards once you redeem them. MGM is generally good about redepositing points if you don’t use the reward in time (as long as you request it before expiration). Some rewards do sell out quickly, although they get restocked about every week.

The basics are not particularly expensive. Free rooms start at 15,000 for midweek at the Excalibur and can run as high as 100,000. Dining has the best variety, with 1,000 points getting you a free pizza topping and 200,000 earning a free tasting menu at Wolfgang Puck’s. In between, there are a lot of free appetizers, desserts and buffets, or simply a dining credit. For many of these, you will need to be staying at one of MGM’s properties, but there are so many hotels in the system that you shouldn’t have a problem finding one. Of course, you could also use your points for free nights. On my last trip, my wife and I got two free buffets and $125 in slot credit. The credit required staying at the particular hotel where we used it, so plan your redemption around where you’re staying. Each reward will give you the restrictions:

MyVegas rewards restriction

Don’t feel like using your rewards in Las Vegas? Don’t worry, the have plenty of partners where you can redeem:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 5.44.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 5.43.31 PM

MyVegas Royal Caribbean

Unlike airline and hotel points, where the partner rewards are worth far less than those of the company that gave you the miles, the rewards in myVEGAS offer excellent value. Heck, you don’t even have to go to Las Vegas to take advantage of the game and the rewards. The mobile version frequently offers additional limited-time only prizes. For example, the site recently had a reward partnership with Shaquille O’Neal, where you could redeem for anything from autographed Shaq items to lunch and a game of hoops with the man himself (for a measly 20 million LPs).

And finally, here’s a few helpful hints:

  • Don’t buy chips. There are plenty of opportunities to get freebies. It somewhat kills the purpose of “free chips” if you buy them.
  • Check in daily. It will take you all of about 30 seconds and you’ll accumulate chips quickly.
  • Start looking for your reward 1-2 months before your trip. Remember, three per person per thirty days, but if there are two of you, you’ll get up to six rewards.
  • Verify the restrictions on each reward. They’re usually not onerous and easy to find.
  • And finally, have fun. Jump around the different games and see what you enjoy.

You may not have high-roller status, but you’ll have freebies waiting for you before you board the plane.


  1. James says

    I will not be using your app ever again. And I don’t need a canned apology. I will however, explain why I won’t use your product anymore. I saved my points up for over a year in anticipation of a planned trip to Las Vegas for my sons 21st birthday. I amassed 187,000 points to use on rewards at various places. However, once we arrived in Las Vegas and the app checked my location roughly 80% of the rewards that were offered at home, were removed. This was very upsetting and definitely put a black cloud on the entire vacation. We had planned to attend a couple of shows, and get a couple of free meals also which we hadn’t budgeted for since I had the points available to “purchase” them for free. I’m sure it says some legal blah blah blah to cover yourselves in terms of use however, I just figured your company wasn’t a scam. Lesson learned, and you lost a customer. Also, you get a little bad publicity on any and every website I can find sharing my experience.

    • Melinda says

      It’s because if you reside in Vegas you can’t use most of the rewards. It’s meant for players outside of Vegas. Let me guess, you used the phone app to look at the rewards availabl? I had this same thing happen to me last time I was in Vegas. Most of the rewards available at home no longer showed up. I realized it had to do with not allowing residents of Vegas to use rewards. So I tried disabling my phones GPS location services. Then the App couldn’t tell that I was currently in Vegas, and all the rewards ahowed back up. It’s not a scam, it’s more of a glitch, that I’m amazed they haven’t found a way to fix it. So now you know, disable your GPS first 😉

  2. Natalie Bears says

    I have been to Las Vegas twice with my m life, my vegas points. And even though we sometimes forgot to put our cards in slot machines, we still had a great time with our comps. We get our comps or rewards before we leave home. So we know the things we get to do or where we our wating. I just love my vegas thank you so much.

  3. Chris says

    I have a question if you can please help me with. I have enough points for the monorail. I have a trip planned in November, how do i get this reward? Is there a timeline of how long before i get there do I get it or do i wait to be there? I don’t know how to get any of the rewards. Please help

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