Lounge Review: The Club at SJC

The Lounge at SJC is in the Priority Pass network, which you can subscribe to annually via their website, or access via a credit card that provides this membership, such as the American Express Platinum card.

The lounge is located between terminals A and B in the San Jose Airport. Since the airport is small, you’ll only find it a short walk to most flights.

You can access this lounge via:

  • Priority Pass
  • Diners Club International
  • Lounge Club
  • ANA (Business Class)

Day passes are available for $35, and a membership is not required to enter.

You’ll enter the lounge via an elevator, and you’ll show your credentials (or pay) the attendant behind the desk.


The lounge is very spacious, and there are plenty of seats available. Even with the ANA international departure, and various memberships that allow entry, the lounge won’t get very busy, so you should be able to find a quiet place to sit.


A bar and coffee station are on hand for beverages, and there’s a counter with pre-packaged snacks – nothing fresh – so if you’re looking for a full meal, look elsewhere downstairs.


Internet is reasonably fast, and restrooms are provided for everyone’s use. An attendant or two circulate to pick up discarded glasses and plates, and there’s several work stations to plug into, as well. This is the only lounge within the airport, so considering that’s it out of the chaos in the gate area itself, you’ll find this a nice way to relax before your flight.









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