The NCL Latitudes Rewards Program

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Image courtesy of NCL
Image courtesy of NCL

Latitudes Rewards is the loyalty program of Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). According to NCL, “Latitudes Rewards is our way of saying thank you to our most loyal guests. Members enjoy exclusive onboard benefits, special offers and so much more.” And Latitudes Rewards is rewarding for sure!

Elite Status

Latitudes Rewards is a points based program where one cruise night = one point. The more you cruise, the more points you earn, and the higher you climb on the Latitudes Rewards elite status ladder. Latitudes Rewards offers four tiers of elite status that offer progressively increasing rewards for your loyalty to the cruise line.

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In addition to the standard one night = one point formula, NCL offers multiple opportunities to earn bonus points to boost your elite status more quickly including:

  • Earn one additional bonus point if you are booked in a suite* or The Haven.
  • Earn one additional bonus point per night when booking nine months in advance.
  • Earn one additional bonus point per night when booking a Latitudes Rewards Insider Offer.

Guests who achieve 250, 500, 700, and 1,000 point milestones will receive special gifts for their loyalty.

The Benefits

All tiers receive a package of basic benefits including monthly Insider Offers, Priority Check-in,  a 10% discount at the duty free shop on NCL logo merchandise, and a discount on internet with an internet package purchase (15 free minutes with a 100 minute internet package purchase, 30 free minutes with a 250 minute package purchase). Like all programs, the benefits become more attractive as you climb the status ladder.

Silver and higher guests receive a progressively generous discount on spa services, which are typically among the most expensive “cruise enhancements” purchased on board. The discount is 15% for Silver members, 20% for Gold members, and 25% for top tier Platinum members. Other benefits for Silver level and higher members include photo discounts, evening chocolates, invitations to an onboard event with ship’s officers. Gold and Platinum members receive priority tender tickets (potentially a big time-saver), welcome gifts, laundry services (25% discount for Gold, complimentary for Platinum), priority disembarkation.

Top tier Platinum members, receive enhanced benefits befitting guests who have cruised the most with NCL. These include concierge services, complimentary dinner for two at Le Bistro (NCL’s popular French restaurant), complimentary sparkling wine for the stateroom, and behind the scenes ship tours. All of the program’s benefits can be reviewed in greater detail at the Latitudes Rewards website or by clicking the image below.

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Click the image to view all Latitudes Rewards benefits


NCL Latitudes Rewards is a reasonable loyalty program with four easy to understand elite tiers. With multiple opportunities to earn bonus points, you will climb the status ladder with NCL in no time. There are some attractive benefits like spa discounts and complimentary laundry (one time) for top tier elites, along with a complimentary specialty dinner for two at NCL’s popular Le Bistro. The biggest weakness in the program is the internet benefit. While some discount is better than none, other lines offer better discounts or even complimentary internet for top tier loyalty program members. Setting sail on an NCL cruise soon? Join Latitudes Rewards.


  1. Shannon says

    Hi NCL I just want to complain that I just went on a 7 day cruise with my mom and dad named
    Allan Bonnie Leclair and since I am a latitudes member and I sailed a lot on the Norwegian Sun with my parents and I have noticed about the latitudes program and I really do not even know why I did not attend the Lattitudes party on June 2/2017/Friday because I was a Bronze program whitch I feel really bad that the person my parents asked the other guy that was doing the Lattitudes program so my parent had a chat about the latitudes program and the person my mom and dad had talked to and said that it was not fair of the person doing the Lattitudes program so the person my mom had talked to said the man that my parents talked to will contact NCL to get it sorted out because my parents don’t even want to sail on Norwegian cruise line ever again because of the changes of the Norwegian sun cruise ship because of the changes does not include anything free of charge on the Norwegian Sun cruise ship. Also the Norwegian Sun used to have behind the Scene of the cruise ship complementary and the Internet was supposed to be free for me due to my b-day present and the cruise line is making me pay the price of The Internet package so my mom borrowed my iPad to pretend that the iPad was hers and to save me some money so my mom took my iPad to the Internet cafe on the cruise to get rid of the Internet package out of my iPad so it would not cost any money for me to use the Internet on the cruise ship of Norwegian Sun cruise ship. I was also told if I did not give my iPad to my mom I would have to pay for the Internet on the cruise ship
    Thanks Shannon Leclair

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