How to Match or Re-Match Your Hyatt Status to Mlife Following the October 1st Reset

Hyatt & Mlife partnered together a couple of years ago in order to provide crossover benefits to elites of their respective programs. This has resulted in one of the cooler partnerships in the loyalty space and has strengthened Hyatt’s position in Las Vegas. Despite the synergy, there are significant differences between the two programs, with one being the dates that elite status expires.

With Mlife being both a hotel & casino loyalty program, status is earned a bit differently. All of your Mlife spend in the hotels, casinos and shops is calculated into “tier credits”. Additionally, the two programs run on different calendars. Hyatt’s elite qualification runs through the calendar year with elite status expiring in February and Mlife’s tier credits and status expire on October 1.

Hyatt & Mlife Matches Reset October 1

Since October 1 recently passed, you may find a surprise the next time you login to your Mlife account. Instead of having your matched status, you will have been downgraded to the tier that you actually qualified for based on “tier credits”. Thankfully if you are still a Hyatt Gold Passport elite, it is simple and easy to reinstate the match. If you have never matched your Hyatt Gold Passport status to Mlife, the process is the same. Let’s take a look at the details of the partnership and how to opt-in or reconfirm the match.

Hyatt to Mlife Match Details

As a reminder, here are the tiers you qualify for as a Hyatt elite:

hyatt mlife tier match

  • Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum: Matched to Mlife Gold status. Mlife Gold status includes room upgrades (based on availability), premium hotel check-in (a huge time saver!), buffet & cafe line passes and more.
  • Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond:  Matched to Mlife Platinum status. Platinum status comes with all of the previously mentioned benefits along with priority valet and taxi service, access to a concierge phone line, turndown service and more.

You can take a look at the Mlife website for a full list of the benefits of each elite tier.

How to Match Hyatt Status to Mlife

hyatt mlife tier match

Whether your Mlife status was downgraded on October 1 or you have never matched your Hyatt Gold Passport and Mlife accounts, the process for opting in is the same. You can link your accounts by visiting the Hyatt status match website and clicking to opt-in. You will be asked to login to your Hyatt and Mlife accounts and the website will automatically link them. The entire process takes less than 30 seconds and you will receive confirmation (shown above) when the link is completed.

Bottom Line

While it would be nice if Hyatt Gold Passport and Mlife accounts would stay synced, the re-authorization is necessary to verify your current status still qualifies for a match. Thankfully the two companies have worked very hard to make the matching process as quick and painless as possible. Don’t forget to match or re-match your status before your next Las Vegas trip, because you might as well get all of the benefits you are entitled to!


  1. shelliesbelly says

    Shawn, do you know any way to get Hyatt Platinum or Diamond status quickly? Have an upcoming conference/trip to Vegas and will be staying 9 days at The Signature at MGM Grand. Was thinking of asking Hyatt for a challenge, but realized that Mlife stays don’t qualify for the challenge. Bummer. If we attain a Gold or higher status in M Life based on our stay + gambling, do you think Hyatt will consider upgrading my status via some reciprocity or the like?

    • Shawn Coomer says

      The only “quick” way to earn Hyatt Platinum status is through their co-branded credit card. Outside of that, Hyatt will give you Platinum status if you earn Mlife Gold or higher. You would use the same site mentioned above and your status will filter down from Mlife to Hyatt.

      Platinum status with Hyatt doesn’t really give you much though. You do get very modest room upgrades, free premium internet and 2pm late checkout, but it isn’t anything like some other mid-tier statuses which are more rewarding.

      • shelliesbelly says

        I’ll just have to count this hotel stay at The Signature as a loss (in regards to earning anything). Thanks for the help!

    • Scott Mackenzie says

      The way the match works is Mlife gives you the Gold status, not the 75,000 tier credits required for that status. If you want something better then you are starting from zero and will need to earn all 200,000 tier credits to get Platinum status.

  2. Michael says

    I have been attempting to find an answer to this question. After matching my Mlife to Hyatt, I am now a Gold tier at Mlife. I would like to reach Platinum so the question is, would I begin earning tier credits at Mlife from scratch or do I just need to earn the equivalent tier credits between Gold and Platinum to earn the status? Any thoughts on this?

  3. Chris says

    Just got this from Hyatt after I earned Platinum at Mlife this past weekend.


    Thank you for your interest in Hyatt Gold Passport and our limited time tier match offer.

    At this time, we are no longer offering a tier match with other programs. You can still achieve elite status with Hyatt Gold Passport through your eligible stays and nights during your travels with Hyatt. For details visit

    We look forward to having you as our guest soon.

    Warm regards,
    Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service

  4. Lisa says

    I got an email that said the new rules for Hyatt tier match have changed or are changing soon and now if you have a Hyatt credit card, you will only be on the 2nd tier and that will only match Pearl at M Life. Thoughts?

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