Priority Club Award Changes

Priority Club Award Changes

Priority Club Rewards has changed its award chart for the second time in two years, effective Jan. 18, 2013. Last year, the program introduced additional point levels within each hotel brand. For example, the program added a 35,000-point level to Hotel Indigo properties that used to require only 25,000 points. Now, the program is eliminating classifying hotels by brand altogether and is adopting categories, which is the system used by most hotel loyalty programs.

Priority Club Rewards will now have nine categories. Categories start at 10,000 points and each higher category will increase by 5,000 points.

Category 1 hotels are 10,000 points, Category 2 hotels are 15,000 points, Category 3 hotels are 20,000 points, Category 4 hotels are 25,000 points, Category 5 hotels are 30,000 points, Category 6 hotels are 35,000 points, Category 7 hotels are 40,000 points, Category 8 hotels are 45,000 points, Category 9 hotels are 50,000 points. Visit for more information.

Bottom line: The point range of 10,000 to 50,000 points remains the same but there are now additional levels. The previous breakdown didn’t include awards at the 30,000 points, 40,000 points or 45,000 points levels. The names of hotels that will be included in each category haven’t been published but it sounds like the majority of properties will be changing categories. John Muehlbauer, Director, Priority Club Rewards, informed members in a post on FlyerTalk that less than 30 percent of hotels will require more points and over 30 percent of hotels will be moving into lower point categories. Over 500 properties will be offered at the lowest category, 10,000 points. Muehlbauer explained, “We’re working to make Rewards simpler and easier to understand. By more closely reflecting the value of the night–you’ll see Reward Night pricing reflect location, brand, amenities, demand, etc. just like paid rates–we think it’ll be easier for you, our member, to plan and book your reward nights.”

The new award chart went into effect Jan. 18, 2013 but you can call the reservations desk and ask to book an award at the old point rates until March 18, 2013 if the hotel you want to stay at now requires more points.

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