Frequent Flyer Particulars

Frequent Flyer Particulars

1. Which airline is credited with introducing the first frequent flyer program?

A) American Airlines


C) Eastern

D) Braniff

2. How many packages of Healthy Choice pudding did “the Pudding Guy” buy in order to earn miles?

A) 1,650

B) 5,450

C) 7,250

D) 12,150

3. How many miles did “the Pudding Guy” earn?

A) 500,125

B) 725,200

C) 1,253,000

D) 1,422,000

4. Which airline was once called “Conquest Sun Airlines?”

A) AirTran Airways

B) Spirit Airlines

C) Frontier Airlines

D) Southwest Airlines

5. Which frequent flyer program has as its name one of the words in the acronym Saab–the auto maker?

A) AAdvantage

B) SkyMiles

C) Skywards

D) Aeroplan

6. Which hotel group has its “roots” in a root beer stand?

A) Hilton

B) InterContinental

C) Marriott

D) Hyatt

7. Which international airline is named after a beer?

A) TAP Portugal

B) bmi

C) Malev Hungarian

D) Kingfisher Airlines

8. Which Middle East airline started with a gift of an airplane from President Roosevelt in 1945?

A) Saudi Arabian Airlines

B) Qatar Airways

C) Royal Jordanian

D) Middle East Airlines

9. An early co-owner of which car rental company was married to the popular advice columnist, Ann Landers?

A) Budget

B) Avis

C) Hertz

D) National

10. Which of these car rental agencies was the first to open its doors in China?

A) Budget

B) Avis

C) Hertz

D) National


Answers: 1. A) American is credited with introducing the first frequent flyer program when it began its AAdvantage program on May 1, 1981. United Airlines was quick to follow suit and launched its United Mileage Plus program on May 6, 1981.

2. D) David Phillips of Davis, Calif. purchased 12,150 packages of pudding for $3,150.

3. C) David Phillips earned 1,253,000 miles. Under the promotional terms, Phillips could choose to post his miles in any airline account. He split 216,000 among his United, Delta and Northwest accounts and posted 1,037,000 miles to his American Airlines account.

4. A) Conquest Sun Airlines began operations on Oct. 26, 1993 and the airline was renamed AirTran Airways in August 1994.

5. D) As the end of the Second World War was approaching, Saab, which is the acronym of Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget or Swedish Aircraft Company Limited, decided to begin making cars as a supplement to its aircraft production.

6. C) J. Willard Marriott, Bill Marriott’s father, founded a root beer stand in 1927 in Washington, D.C. The company later expanded into a chain of family restaurants called The Hot Shoppe and the first motel opened in 1957.

7. D) Kingfisher Airlines is owned by United Beverages Group, which produces Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer, a popular Indian beer.

8. A) Saudi Arabian Airlines. Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a Douglas DC-3 to King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud in 1945. Saudi Arabian Airlines, the nation’s flag carrier, was founded the following year and launched scheduled operations in March 1947.

9. A) Budget Rent A Car System, Inc. was founded in 1958 in Los Angeles, Calif. by Morris Mirkin. Mirkin was joined in 1959 by Julius Lederer, the husband of Ann Landers.

10. C) In March 2002, Hertz became the first global car rental company to operate in China. The company began renting cars in several locations, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

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