Survey: Small Business Travelers Rarely Redeem Awards

Survey: Small Business Travelers Rarely Redeem Awards

Many small business frequent travelers who take two or more pleasure trips a year have never used travel points to defray the cost of those trips, reported the American Small Business Travelers Alliance, which completed its first comprehensive online travel survey of current and prospective members in June. ASBTA is a national, non-profit alliance that provides services and functions focused specifically on the travel needs and interests of small business owners.

The ASBTA survey revealed that 31 percent of small business travelers take two or more pleasure trips each year, while 23 percent take more than four. On the other hand, the survey also indicated that 47 percent of respondents have never redeemed travel points — such as airline frequent flyer miles — for free or reduced price travel.

“In many cases, these individuals are taking 10 or more business trips each year, all of which have the potential to earn thousands of frequent flyer miles and affinity points that can be applied toward well-deserved vacations that are either free or heavily discounted,” said Chuck Sharp, ASBTA President.

“There are definite leisure travel benefits for small business travelers with travel points, but small business owners can also use these tools as an incentive to their employees or even as gifts to clients and customers,” said Sharp.

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