Letters – August, 29 2005

Letters – August, 29 2005

Before the Flood
Changes are already happening at America West’s FlightFund. First-class award travel has been increased from 40,000 miles to 55,000 miles (roundtrip) and to 90,000 on their unrestricted first-class seats on their long-haul flights. It appears to me that America West is preparing for an onslaught of US Airways mileage redemption and making it more costly for anyone wanting to go to or from the east.
Don Price

Coach, Coach and More Coach
Something new: all coach-class service on Delta’s 737-800s. Haven’t heard of that one? Try their new red-eye service from Salt Lake City to Atlanta. When requesting an upgrade on flight 418, I was informed that it is configured for all-coach service. Just another blow to Delta’s premium passengers. It would be nice if Delta was forthcoming on how many of these all coach classes of service now exist.
Jack Riesselman

With Wins Like This…
Many years ago Delta was involved in a class action suit (and lost the suit) because they changed the award levels needed for an upgrade of free ticket. I have been a member of Delta Frequent Flyer club (long before it was SkyMiles), and being part of that suit I could cash in lower mileage amounts (old mile program only) for trips at reduced mileage. These “old miles” get categorized as “Sky Saver” level awards and these seats don’t exist.

Have others, who were part of this class action, experienced the same situation where we won the war but lost the battle?
Steve Gersony

Psychic Network?
Is Randy psychic or what? Long ago, he predicted that America West would get a route to Hawaii. Recently, that was announced. And he predicted that Southwest would get a code share to Hawaii. Recently, that was announced.

Perhaps he is getting some info from inside the airlines? Or is he psychic?
Mark Terry

Editors Note: Thanks for noticing. The news is not coming from the airlines. In fact, my prediction of the merger of America West and US Airways in our January issue was written prior to those two airlines ever getting together for their first dialog, so it could not have been a leak. And while we were the first to write about Southwest and Hawaii, that simply was instinct for the business, and really dumb luck. As for being psychic? It may be. More likely it’s just being in the right business for the right amount of time. After the years I’ve put in following and researching frequent flyer programs and the many related things, most of what I say has become instinct. Heck, stay in almost anything long enough, and you’d think you’ll learn something. Also, it might be that I spend more time listening than talking. The strange thing is that the things we have written about in that area just seem so obvious that I question what the heck “real” airline analysts and reporters are doing for the huge amounts of money someone is paying them. Reminds me of the story of throwing darts to pick stocks. Anyway, we’ll continue to be psychic and hope it helps our readers get a foot up on what’s coming their way. Again, thanks for noticing.

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