Rewards Network Introduces Elite Levels

Rewards Network Introduces Elite Levels

Restaurant and hotel loyalty program Rewards Network has made some changes to its overall rules by introducing a variable earning structure, based on the frequency of use.

In essence, the program has introduced an elite-level, offering increased earning for those members who use the program most often.

The three tiers include “Elite,” “Engaged,” and “Active,” each having corresponding earning ability, bonus opportunities and a roster of restaurants.

* Elite members who dine 12 or more times per calendar year will receive 5 miles per US$1 spent, and have the greatest number of restaurants from which to choose. Elite members also enjoy a double bonus until June 30, 2006, allowing them to earn a total of 10 miles per dollar spent at all restaurants where benefits are offered.

* Engaged members receive 3 miles per dollar spent by creating an online user profile or by dining at least four times per calendar year at participating restaurants. This membership tier offers more restaurants and more bonus opportunities than the standard Active member tier.

* Active members are those who dine at least once per calendar year and who have not created an online user profile on the applicable airline dining program Web site. Active members receive 1 mile per dollar spent at participating restaurants for their first three dines (during a single calendar year), and also qualify for periodic bonuses.

Membership in each of the airline dining programs managed by Rewards Network is free, and members who dine at participating restaurants will continue to receive miles based on the entire restaurant bill (including the cost of the meal, drinks, tip and taxes) when charged to a credit or debit card that is pre-registered with Rewards Network.

Here’s our tip: To enroll, follow the links from your frequent flyer program of choice. Rewards Network partners with none of the largest programs.

Interesting trivia: The largest partner is United Mileage Plus, which accounts for 18 percent of Rewards Network sales, or nearly $63 million. There are 2.3 million frequent flyers actively enrolled to earn miles from their dining.

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