Membership Rewards Dilutes Awards in Canada

Membership Rewards Dilutes Awards in Canada

On Dec. 15, the Membership Rewards program in Canada will change the conversion rate for converting points into Delta SkyMiles and Continental OnePass miles. Points currently transfer to miles on a one-to-one basis, but as of Dec. 15, one point will convert to three-quarters of a mile in both programs — a loss of 250 miles for every 1,000 points converted.

With a 25 percent loss in value on the horizon, members should seriously consider hastening any planned conversions. A minimum of 10,000 points can be converted and there is a fee of 3,500 points to do so. To convert your Membership Rewards points to Delta or Continental miles, call (800) 668-2639.

This represents yet another diminishment to the benefits Canadian Member-ship Rewards members receive. In fact, many of us still haven’t completely recovered from the abrupt end to the Membership Rewards/Canadian Airlines relationship, which occurred two years ago.

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