Double Miles for Mileage Plus Visa Cardmembers

Double Miles for Mileage Plus Visa Cardmembers

Nothing depletes a mileage account faster than a good, old-fashioned summer vacation. To help replenish the miles lost in the pursuit of family fun, Mileage Plus and Bank One are offering double miles on all Mileage Plus Visa card purchases through Oct. 31.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our credit card customers and a great way for us to reward their loyalty,” said Robert Sahadevan, Senior Vice President, Mileage Plus, UAL Loyalty Services. “We will continue to seek ways to provide exceptional value to our customers.”

To participate in the double miles promotion, Mileage Plus Visa cardmembers must call (800) 359-8252 by Sept. 5 to register their credit card. The sooner you register, the longer you’ll earn double miles. To learn more about the Mileage Plus Visa card or to apply, visit

Non-premier members are capped at 10,000 miles per month and Premier members can earn a maximum of 25K miles per month. Still, given the extended length of the promotion period, this is a tremendous opportunity to rack up some serious Mileage Plus miles. In fact, if you buy the kids enough back-to-school supplies, you just might earn enough for next summer’s vacation.

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