JetBlue Offers Flight Gratitude

JetBlue Offers Flight Gratitude

True Blue JetBlue finally delivered its frequent flyer program and it is amazingly simple — shades of Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program. It is a paperless, entirely electronic frequent flyer program — there aren’t even membership cards.

Your date of birth and an email address is what constitutes eligibility for this program.

Basically it costs 100 points to get a free flight (with restrictions). Flights earn points by distance not miles — short, medium, long, two points, four points and six points respectively. You can double this allowance by booking online through Dec. 31.

As it is right now, long haul members would need to fly five roundtrip flights for a free ticket (booking online); short haul members need to fly 13 roundtrips for a free flight. Bottom line: nothing new, nothing different. For all that JetBlue has tried to become, they missed the runway here. That said, whether the program is a good value or not is probably irrelevant to JetBlue passengers. The airline has been very successful without a program and current customers will probably tend to view the program as a bonus. Don’t you remember, the way it used to be? To sign up go to:

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