Double Up With WorldPerks

Double Up With WorldPerks

If you don’t have a Northwest Visa card and you aren’t participating in the Northwest Fly Free Faster promotion, you might want to rethink your current status. By combining both promotions, you could be looking at up to 40,000 miles (that’s one off-peak ticket to Europe) for very little effort.

Before you do anything, be sure to register for the Fly Free Faster promotion at Once you’ve registered, you will need to log a qualifying activity, one of which just so happens to be signing up for the Northwest WorldPerks Visa. WorldPerks members who sign up for the Northwest WorldPerks Visa will earn 5,000 bonus miles upon approval. Then, when you spend $500 or more on Northwest purchases you will earn another 5,000 bonus miles. Finally, after you’ve kept the card for 15 months or more, WorldPerks will credit another 15,000 bonus miles to your account. Call (800) 360-2900 and ask for extension 2644. This offer expires July 15.

Now that you have achieved your qualifying activity and have succeeded in getting the sign-up miles, it’s time to turn your attention to notching up five partners before the end of July. You can probably achieve part of this goal by selecting WorldPerks as your preferred partner when renting a car and staying at a hotel. To earn the last of your partner credits, sign up with the idine program at and select WorldPerks as your preferred partner. Because this is the last month to rack up partners for Fly Free Faster, make sure you dine at different restaurants, as only the first visit to a participating restaurant counts as a partner credit.

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