Alaska is Offering an Elite Status Retention Promotion

Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan has has announced a 2023 status fast track promotion, for those who were unable to re-qualify for elite status in 2022.

To avoid losing your status – retaining it until December 2023 – you are required to earn the following number of base miles between January 13 and April 13, 2023:

  • MVP members — 5,000 miles
  • MVP Gold members — 10,000 miles
  • MVP Gold 75K members — 20,000 miles

Of course, there are a few terms to be aware of:

  • You must have had MVP, MVP Gold, or MVP Gold 75K status, on January 1, 2022
  • If you were in the middle of a status challenge on January 1st, you must have successfully retained it
  • You need to earn BASE miles on Alaska and its partner airlines – status and cabin bonuses do NOT count
  • A minimum of two segments must be flown on Alaska marketed AND operated flights
  • Award travel does not count
  • Members who retain MVP Gold 75K status as part of this offer aren’t eligible for the bonus miles or American SWUs ordinarily earned from qualifying for MVP Gold 75K
  • You cannot retain MVP Gold 100K

Bottom Line

With this offer, you can maintain your current status by earning roughly 25% of the normal requirement in 25% of a year.  However, because you will be flying in 2023, those same miles will also be counting for your (re)qualification for 2024.  Click here for more details.

Therefore, any Alaska elites about to lose their current level of status should definitely sign up for this promotion…