InsideFlyer Christmas Calendar Day 7: Win A Personal ‘Travel Hacking’ Masterclass (Money Can’t Buy…)

To mark Day 7 of the InsideFlyer Christmas Calendar giveaways, we wanted to offer something a bit more personal than the usual prizes*, to say thank you to InsideFlyer readers. It’s something we’ve done a couple of times in previous years and the response was fantastic, so we thought we’d bring it back…

Today’s prize is therefore something money genuinely can’t buy – a personal Points and Miles / ‘Travel Hacking’  Masterclass with our esteemed (ahem!) Editor, Joe Deeney.

The prize includes a private telephone/Skype consultation with Joe to discuss your travel goals, where he will provide some initial thoughts and tips on how best to achieve them. This will be followed up with a more detailed written report, contributed to by the whole InsideFlyer team, to help ensure that you too will soon enjoy traveling better for less. Any follow up questions are, of course, always very welcome!

Whether you would like some help planning a trip of a lifetime, have wondered how to find the best flight/hotel deals, are curious about ‘Manufactured Spend’, or simply want to learn more about a particular loyalty program, Joe and the InsideFlyer team can help! Whatever your ‘travel hacking’ questions are, we’ll do our very best to answer them.

[*If you’d rather win some luxury hotel stays, airport lounge passes, points/miles, etc, we can’t say we’d blame you, but there’s plenty more of that still to come and we thought this would be nice too! 🙂]

How to enter

Enter Day Seven of the InsideFlyer Christmas Calendar via the following link:

The InsideFlyer team wishes you a very merry Christmas!