Germany To Extend Mask Rule For Airline Passengers Through To April 2023!

a plane with blue seats

Passengers on all flights in and out of Germany will be required to wear N95/FFP2 masks until 7th April 2023. Masks are also compulsory on long distance public transport within Germany.

The original guidelines were valid until 23rd September 2022 but have now been extended by the German Cabinet (subject to expected parliamentary approval).

a plane with blue seats

Children under 6 are completely exempt and do not need to wear a mask. Airline staff and children aged 6-14 will be permitted to wear more comfortable medical masks instead. Exemptions are also made for people with medical issues, but do require a doctor’s note.

This may well impact on Lufthansa’s bookings, as many passengers find the prospect of having to wear an N95 mask distinctly unappealing, particularly on a medium/ long haul flight. It would certainly be a factor to consider when comparing flight options.

Bottom Line

Such a move seems counter to the direction other countries are moving in – the easing of restrictions seems to be pretty much everywhere.

The new regulations still need to go to Germany’s lower and upper houses of parliament for approval, where they are expected to pass. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds or unravels…

Would having to wear a mask influence your travel plans?


  1. Doug Brown says

    I would probably wear a k-95 mask anyway on a long haul flight, depending on what class I’m seated in. I trust the plane’s air filtering system to protect me but if I’m seated in coach class with strangers breathing into my space, I feel less safe. In business class I would be further away from a potentially contagious passenger.

  2. Tom Sifent says

    YES. I’m not putting a diaper on my face ever again. I was planning to purchase Lufthansa tickets to Latam and I’m now changing my plans based on this info. Thanks a lot team!

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