Iberia is Selling Gift Cards at a Discount

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If you are making plans to travel to/within Europe, this promotion might interest you. Between now and August 1st, 2022, you can receive a discount of up to 15% when buying an Iberia gift card. To receive the maximum discount, you need to buy a gift card of $500 or higher.

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If you prefer to have a gift card denominated in euros – probably best if you want to book travel wihin Europe –  you can change the Iberia website country settings to “Spain” and pay in euros…

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You can easily find the gift card page by clicking on the “Travel” tab on the main Iberia webpage.

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How can I spend my gift card?

It is very easy to apply a gift card when purchasing a flight. If you spend less than the value of your voucher, your balance will remain available for future use.

You can only spend one voucher per booking, however, but you can combine two or more vouchers into one if necessary. If your multiple vouchers have different expiry dates, the EARLIEST date will apply to your entire balance – although most people will combine balances just before using it on a booking…

You can only use the gift card on flights OPERATED by Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum. Codeshare flights – including those on British Airways, Vueling, American, etc. with an IB flight code – are specifically excluded.

In addition, you CANNOT use your gift card to pay the taxes and surcharges on an award flight, EVEN if you are booking an Iberia reward via the Iberia Plus website.

And finally, the gift card will EXPIRE exactly ONE YEAR after purchase.

Worth it?

Unless you are definitely booking an Iberia flight soon, there is certainly some risk involved in handing over 425+ euros / dollars for a gift card that is only valid for a year.

But it is also close to free money for those readers who expect to fly on Iberia Airlines soon, as long as you are aware of the tough restrictions…