How to Earn Avios from JetBlue Flights

JetBlue aircraft parked at the tarmac (Source: JetBlue)

Although JetBlue is an excellent airline to fly, many people shy away from the airline’s TrueBlue loyalty program. Although there’s nothing particularly “wrong” with it, TrueBlue doesn’t offer nearly as many redemption opportunities as other frequent flyer programs. As a result, it can make sense to FLY on JetBlue but earn miles with a different frequent flyer program.

For those readers based in the United States, that alternative frequent flyer program is likely to be American Airlines AAdvantage. AAdvantage members can earn exactly the same miles as they would earn flying American:

  • AAdvantage member – 5 miles for every U.S. dollar
  • Gold elite member – 7 miles per $ (40% bonus)
  • Platinum elite member – 8 miles per $ (60% bonus)
  • Platinum Pro elite member – 9 miles per $ (80% bonus)
  • Executive Platinum elite member – 11 miles per $ (120% bonus)

However, there is a very important exclusion, you cannot earn AA miles on JetBlue’s transatlantic flights to London.

Earning Avios when flying JetBlue

You might not be aware that JetBlue partners with Qatar Airways Privilege Club. You cannot redeem Avios on JetBlue award flights, but you can EARN Avios on paid JetBlue flights.

  • Mint – J, C, D, I – 125% of miles flown
  • Core – Y, E, K, H, Q, B, V, R, W, M, Z, O, U, S, P – 100% of miles flown
  • Core – L – 25% of miles flown

Combining Avios

As you may be aware, you can now Combine Your Avios between Qatar Airways Privilege Club and British Airways Executive Club. This means that you can use your Qatar account to earn Avios from your JetBlue flights and then move them over to British Airways or Iberia should you prefer either program for spending Avios.

Click here to be taken to our article explaining how to Combine Your Avios.

Bottom Line

This option now has two potential benefits. You can now earn Avios on those JetBlue transatlantic flights. But you might also have a long, but relatively cheap JetBlue flight planned. Earning 100% of miles flown (as Avios) could be much more valuable than earning 5 miles per US dollar on a cheap fare.