Don’t Forget to Register for Hilton’s Double / Triple Point Promotion

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Hilton Honors has released details of its chain-wide promotion for Summer 2022. The promotion will run from May 2nd until September 5th, 2022. (check-out dates)

As is standard with Hilton Honors, during the summer you can earn double/triple points.  With “More Nights, More Points”, you can earn:

  • Double points for stays of 1 or 2 nights
  • Triple points for stays of 3+ nights

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As always, you must REGISTER for Hilton promotions. Click here…

Is this promotion any good?

Hilton Honors members earn 10 points per US dollar spent. Each Hilton point is (charitably) worth 0.5 cents each.

As a result, you would earn:

  • an extra 10 points per US dollar spent for stays of 1-2 nights –> an extra rebate of 5%
  • an extra 20 points per US dollar spent for stays of 3+ nights –> an extra rebate of 10%

A promotion that gives you an extra 10% rebate is pretty decent. But a Diamond member can do even better. For a 3-night stay at a Hilton hotel costing $200 per night pre-tax, a Diamond member would earn:

  • 1,000 points as a welcome amenity
  • 6,000 base points
  • 6,000 tier bonus points
  • 12,000 bonus points

That 3-night stay would earn a Diamond member 25,000 Hilton points worth $125. If you have the Aspire credit card, you would earn an extra 14 points per $ on top –> 8,400 points for this example…

Bottom line

2022 is following the standard pattern for Hilton promotions. The first promotion offered “points per stay” – great for travel hackers and/or award stays.

The summer promotion rewards those members who are taking long, expensive vacations…