Frontier Airlines is Offering a Status Match from 30+ Airlines and Hotel Chains

I have never had the (mis)fortune to fly on Frontier Airlines, but many people do take advantage of the ultra low cost carrier’s cheap fares. If you are one of those people, you will surely be interested in the status match opportunity on offer, particularly since it doesn’t require status from another airline.

You must apply for the status match before December 31, 2021. Your new level of elite status will be valid until December 31, 2022.

There is a minor catch, however. You must pay a $49 processing fee before your application is considered. You can apply for a status match by clicking here.

Which competitors will Frontier Airlines match?

Frontier Airlines is matching status all the way up to its Elite 100K level. The most interesting element is that Frontier is also willing to match hotel chain elite status.


Hotel Chains

Frontier Elite Benefits?

Frontier’s business model involves charging for practically everything. But Frontier 100K members receive much of this for free, such as:

  • Free carry-on
  • Free seat selection
  • Free checked luggage
  • Priority boarding

The Bottom Line

If you take one or two Frontier flights in 2022, the $49 processing fee will probably be paid for through your savings on luggage, etc.

And who knows whether Frontier 100K status and a flight or two could be useful in 2022 as the basis for a status match to a different airline program. For example, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan accepts Frontier 100K status as the basis for a MVP Gold 75 challenge…

$49 could be a great investment, therefore, even if you are not very likely to become a Frontier regular…

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