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Dear fellow travellers,

We hope you are staying safe and healthy. 

The travel industry has seen some huge setbacks due to the developments around COVID-19. Airlines have grounded fleets, hotels see rooms go empty, people are unable to get home, and no one knows quite what tomorrow will bring. 

Travel businesses want to understand your needs during this time, and together, we can help let them know what it is you really want.

With our previous survey, we saw over 27.000 travellers stepping in to help guide the industry in the right direction. Now that the longer-term impact of COVID-19 is becoming clearer, we would like to ask for your help once more.

The answers you provide will be used to determine what new products and services the travel industry could possibly introduce that fit your desires as a traveller in the months ahead.


This survey particularly looks at technology focused on luggage that might help decrease the number of contact points during travelling.

Please fill out this survey (only takes 3 minutes) and help us help them, to help you.

The survey investigates various parameters such as individual travel luggage trends and the extent to which they affect your travels and your travel experience. Queried in this survey, for example, are your reasons to fly with check-in luggage or not, and your concerns when traveling with check-in luggage.

We also ask for any frustrations you might experience traveling with luggage and how airlines would be able to take these away.

In the next step, we’d like to find out what sort of facilities you currently use such as mobile technology and priority check-in/bag-drop. And what you would be willing to spend on these facilities.

Then also we’re trying to find out what your experiences are with lost luggage and what is most important to you when your luggage gets lost.

You can see why this information is incredibly valuable for airlines and other travel business to help optimize your travels. By giving them insights into your needs as a customer, we can actively assist the travel industry to speed up recovery from the crisis.

Once the results are in, we will share the full report with you.

Please feel free to share the survey through your own channels too, as the more answers we have, the more useful the results.

Thank you – Team InsideFlyer


DISCLAIMER: we will not obtain or save any sort of personal data through this survey.

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