These airlines will fly Boeing’s newest aircraft

Boeing’s newest aircraft type, the B777X (Source: Boeing)

The current situation around the COVID-19 pandemic has some serious consequences for the international aviation industry. However, research and development on new aircraft remains of importance for the future. Boeing is for instance finalizing its newest Boeing 777X aircraft. The 777X had some major setbacks, but is now expected to fly next year. But at what airlines can you expect the Boeing 777X in the future?

Boeing 777X

Already in November 2013 the Boeing Company announced the Boeing 777X program. But, as most readers must know, developing a new type of aircraft takes years to complete. Boeing expected to do several test flights in 2020, but some were delayed due to several reasons. One of the reasons being not getting flight certificates in time.

The Boeing 777X should be available as B777-8, -9 and -10. The latter type is expected to be launched later. The Boeing 777-8 has a seating capacity of 384 and the 777-9 of 426. The 777-9 can for instance accommodate 9 First Class, 49 Business Class and 292 Economy Class seats. You can read more on the Boeing 777X here.

By the way, some airlines decided to stop flying the Boeing 777. For instance, Delta recently announced to phase out its B777 aircraft. The main reason it that its Boeing 777-200 aircraft are too old now. They should’ve been gone by 2021. But due to a lack of demand in air travel that date was expedited.

Boeing’s newest aircraft type, the B777-9 (Source: Boeing)
Boeing’s newest aircraft type, the B777-9 (Source: Boeing)

Folding wings

You may wonder why Boeing considered developing a new aircraft type. Basically, the 777 is not new. But the B777X is special in the sense that it wil become the largest wide body two aisle aircraft to fly. This type will get new engines and new wings. The latter is definitely something to highlight as the wingtip can be folded. Yes, you did read that correctly. Bigger wings give the 777X better aerodynamics. But being able to fold them does not compromise its gate compatibility. For instance, the Airbus A380 cannot use regular gates. It needs a special dimensioned gate as it is much bigger dan regular aircraft.

What makes the B777X so special? It’s folding wings! (Source: Boeing)
What makes the B777X so special? It’s folding wings! (Source: Boeing)

Boeing 777X airlines

Lufthansa is the launch customer for the Boeing 777X. In 2013 the German national carriers was the first airline to agree on a purchase of the Boeing 777-9.

Boeing 777-9 for launch customer Lufthansa (Source: Boeing)
Boeing 777-9 for launch customer Lufthansa (Source: Boeing)

Other airlines that will fly the Boeing 777X are:

  • All Nippon Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
Lufthansa is the launch customer of the Boeing 777-X (Source: Boeing)

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  1. Flopjul says

    Surprises me that KLM wont buy a 777X because those would be the perfect replacement for the 777-3

  2. Bernhard Ix says

    Due to the fact, that Boeing is not at all a reliable producer anymore, see the 737 Max, a complete misconstruction, a lame duck, tried to be kept flying with just a stupid software program ………..and the ongoing technical problems since years with the Dreamliner….quality problems named by the employees since years, without any changes in the construction …a management, that is only cost concerned and profit orientated, quality comes last since many years, I am very conservative about the new wings of the Boeing 777X. I do not trust Boeing at all anymore….dont risk Your lifes! The Ex Boss got 60 Million Dollars to quit, after all the mess he caused…thats the Boeing culture nowadays.

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