Survey: Travel & COVID-19

Travel & COVID-19

Dear travelers,

We hope you are staying safe and healthy.

The travel industry has seen some huge setbacks due to the developments around COVID-19. Airlines have lost most of their flights, hotels see empty rooms, people are unable to get home, and no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

For them to understand your needs as a traveler in this matter, together we can give them insights on how to best react and manage your expectations. Please fill out this survey (only takes 3 minutes) and help us help them, to help you.


The survey investigates various parameters such as individual travel profile and the extent to which the COVID-19 crisis and the measures taken around it are affected by this. Also queried in this survey, is your personal requirements for hotels and airlines to deal with things such as refunding tickets or reservations and obtaining elite status. Some airlines and hotels have already responded to this.

In the next step, we’d like to find out what you have planned in terms of travel after the crisis. For example, do you book a canceled trip again or do you stay at home a little longer? We also ask for your assessment of the best way for customer loyalty programs to support their members in the current situation.

You can see why this information is incredibly important for airlines, hotels and other travel business. By giving them insights into your needs as a customer, we can actively assist the travel industry to recover from the crisis.

Once the results are in, we will share the full report with you.

Please feel free to share the survey through your own channels too, as the more answers we have, the more useful the results.

Thank you – Team InsideFlyer

DISCLAIMER: we will not obtain or save any sort of personal data through this survey.