More Airlines Suspend (almost) all Flights – Emirates, Etihad, Turkish, Singapore Airlines

Suspend flights

In the past days, the collapse of the global aviation industry has continued. More and more airlines are forced to stop all, or almost all, flights. Whether or not due to local or international travel restrictions, or simply because demand has completely dried up. Among others, Emirates, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and Kenya Airways have implemented drastic measures.

Emirates & Etihad – United Arab Emirates

Last weekend, Emirates first announced that it would discontinue all flights. Then a number of flights were maintained, “after questions from travelers and governments”. Yesterday, the United Arab Emirates government announced again that all commercial flights from March 25, 11:59 pm from, to and through the UAE should be discontinued for a minimum of 14 days. This means that both Emirates and Etihad must completely shut down the operation. Transfers are also no longer allowed.

Suspend Flights

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, the airline that normally flies to most countries from all airlines, flies to only five international destinations from March 27: Addis Ababa, Hong Kong, Moscow, New York & Washington

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has also been hit hard, also by travel restrictions to / from and via Singapore. More than 96% of the flights are canceled.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has grounded the entire Airbus A380 fleet. The First Class will also expire temporarily.

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways has also suspended all flights.

Airlines discontinue flights – passenger rights

Has your flight been canceled by the airline? Make sure to find out what your passenger rights are. Most airlines offer a voucher whilst you are actually entitled to a refund.


What are your experiences so far with canceled flight due to the corona virus? Please share your story in the comments

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  1. geoff davies says

    they are all closing shop for awhile it bound to happen.the virus kept me here this winter now i wait to nov and hope it will be ok by then to travel

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