Reimagining the Wickedness of Travel — Travel News Rewritten

Each week we’ll highlight travel news rewritten by an InsideFlyer forum member (ahappyelite) as he reimagines the wickedness of travel from viral falsehoods and hoaxes to conspiracy theories of airline and other travel company CEO’s. He’ll view travel reporting far more differently than other headlines and will likely engage in a little trolling along the way. #travelnewsrewritten

Travel News Rewritten

1. UAs cookie change gets headlines from a big $ media that has spent a decade ignoring the airlines unceasing transoceanic plunge

2. UAs Executive Vice President, Global Suckiness, creates new Basic Economy corral with check in machines labelled “Basic Economy” @ ORD —UA: If You Think We Suck Today, Come TomorrowTM

3. Seat Wars: Big $ media encourages passenger blaming: AA says “The Comfort of Our Customers is our Highest Priority” A statement they should be torn apart for: Intentionally Inflicting Pain on Customers is a giant multi billion $ profit center

4. Seat Wars: With corrupt mergers, more and more high and even enormous spenders find themselves in a middle seat (90 person upgrade lists) with metal jammed against their knees for hours on end

5. Delta CEO lays down rules for pax: ‘“Ask first” before reclining into customers laps and “as CEO” it’s not right for him to recline (because it might cause an eruption of outrage that would highlight what a suckfest the airlines have become)