What to Expect at the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Hilton Hotel Amsterdam

The Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is very well located. Once you exit arrivals into the transit hall where the trains are, you follow the signs to the hotel which is about ten minutes walk away, all undercover.

A high quality property, it was completed at the end of 2015, replacing the former hotel on the site. Happily it is not showing its age, being very well kept as you will see in this review.

Check-In and Luggage Storage

There was little hope of checking in on arrival at 9:30am as the official time is 2:00pm. The desk agent did check for me, but I was told no room was available but one should be ready at 1:30pm.

Hilton Hotel Amsterdam

From there I headed to the baggage room, where a friendly attendant took my bag and in exchange I received a paper tag. All of that sorted, I went off to meet friends for brunch in Amsterdam.

Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol Runway View Room

Returning to the hotel at 2:30pm found my room ready. After signing three times and having my credit card pre-authorised for any additional costs, I was given my key. Next, I retrieved my luggage, which happened after a short wait for a staff member.

When booking, you can select an atrium view room or, for a little extra, a runway view room. Naturally that is the room type I chose and my room was on the eighth floor.

Everything you need is contained in the space, with a decent size bed, chair, desk, television and more. Hidden into a curve in the wall is the minibar and tea making station.

Of course, things like Snickers and Mars bars were priced at €3.50 each. I’d be more inclined to go to a shop or supermarket a short walk away in the train station, rather than pay this. I still ate them both though!

How About The Bathroom?

I found the bathroom to be pretty impressive. The walk-in shower could take a family of five with room to spare. What I liked was a very high spur coming out of the wall. It came in handy to hang my suit on so I could steam the creases out when I showered, so that was a great piece of forward thinking in the design!

There was also quite a lot of space on the counter top as it is quite long. Another thoughtful touch really and probably very handy for when more than one person stays in the room.

Breakfast Is Superb!

Served in the restaurant on the ground floor, breakfast was nothing short of astonishing. Everything you could ever want was available, from a continental breakfast to a fully cooked meal.

I chose a few continental items such as some salami and danish. Next, I went for a sausage, bacon, egg and stuffed tomato. Following that I found the Dutch pancakes and restricted myself to just four.

Also available were a range of decent looking fresh fruits, cereals, yoghurts and it looked like they made omelettes to order. Drinks included pineapple and cucumber infused water, as well as a range of juices.

Servers come around with an offer of american coffee, and there is also a coffee machine and barista made coffee also. I was really impressed!

Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed my stay at the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol airport. All the employees I interacted with were very friendly and my luggage was quite safe in their storage area.

You don’t need to check-out either. Guests are welcome to leave their room cards for the maids to collect and the bill will settle automatically. That was a nice touch!

The bed was firm and the pillows not too soft, so I got a decent amount of sleep. You can hear some rumbling from the airport, but the sound proofing is very good. Anyone staying would also be crazy not to have breakfast in the hotel.

Have you stayed at the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol airport? What did you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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  1. Peter Ellis says

    I stayed at the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol last summer and I agree with you that it was a fantastic hotel! The breakfast was the best thing of the hotel!

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