$400 Round-Trip Flights to Hong Kong!

$400 Round-Trip Flights to Hong Kong!

You get a fare sale! You get a fare sale! Everyone gets a fare sale!

I posted about a pretty solid European fare sale earlier.  Not only is that fare sale still going, but I’m now seeing prices even cheaper than the $400 I was seeing before!

Right before I went to sleep last night, reader Tom left a comment about LAX-HKG fares.  I’ve been burning the candle pretty hard for the past few days weeks months years and needed to get to sleep.  Apologies for not being able to get a post out about it last night.  Turns out those fares are still available.  They’re out of LAX and they’re available deep into next year.  I’m seeing fares as low as $400 to Hong Kong and as low as $472 for nonstop flights.  The fares below are available through April of next year and I’m still running searches.

The Final Two Pennies

If you don’t live in Southern California don’t worry.  Think of this as part of a larger trip.  Use cheap flights or miles and points to cover your flight to Los Angeles.  And, with plenty of low-cost carriers in Asia, you may be able to cobble this together with a flight from Hong Kong to your dream destination.  When fares are this cheap, leverage your points to save on hotel rooms to give yourself a truly affordable trip to Asia.

I wouldn’t sleep on these fares if you’re thinking of booking them.  Remember that virtually any flight that originates or departs in the US is eligible for a full refund for up to 24 hours after purchase.  These fares will go quickly!

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