Lyft Rides Now Earn Delta Miles

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Effective today, members of Delta’s SkyMiles program can earn one mile for every $1 spent on Lyft rides.

In addition, through August 31, Lyft customers can earn three miles per $1 on rides to or from airports where Lyft offers service. And new Lyft customers who sign up via will receive two $10 credits, applicable to the user’s first two Lyft rides within 60 days.

Lyft fares probably average less than $10, so this new partnership isn’t going to generate any great mileage windfalls for SkyMiles members. But it’s smart marketing on the part of both Delta and Lyft; linking the two companies together gets Lyft in front of Delta’s business travelers and gives Delta exposure to Lyft’s younger customer base. The same could be said of Delta’s relationship with Airbnb.

Lyft already has a mileage-earning relationship with JetBlue, but it’s limited to airport rides.

Also of interest is what this partnership is not: a Delta-Uber tie-up. While Uber remains the overwhelming rideshare market leader, its reputation has taken a hit recently with a string of negative publicity. That has resulted in a relative improvement in Lyft’s image, as the default good guy in the two-company competition. This new partnership amounts to receiving Delta’s seal of approval, which further burnishes Lyft’s image, and its future prospects.

Reader Reality Check

Lyft or Uber: Which do you use?

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  1. Jason Brandt Lewis says

    “Lyft or Uber: Which do you use?”

    Lyft. But I don’t use Delta, so . . .

  2. Gary says

    At the value of the skypesos almost not worth signing up for.

    I’m glad they are partnering with Lyft though instead of Uber. I use both platforms but will use Lyft if it’s available in the city I’m in. Uber keeps cutting rates and screwing their drivers with no in-app tipping. I always tip my Uber driver but if I don’t have small bills it’s nice being able to tip on the Lyft app without breaking a large bill before paging a car

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