Earn Up to One Thousand Bonus Miles at Each of These Airline Internet Shopping Portals

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Starting today, you can earn up to one thousand bonus miles each at the MileagePlus, Mileage Plan and AAdvantage Internet shopping portals in addition to the standard miles. The promotions are virtually identical; but the last day of when each promotion is in effect varies.

Earn Up to One Thousand Bonus Miles at Each of These Airline Internet Shopping Portals

Earn a one-time bonus of up to 1,000 bonus award miles:

  • 500 bonus miles for spending a minimum of $150.00 on qualifying purchases
  • 1,000 bonus miles for spending a minimum of $300.00 on qualifying purchases

The promotions as listed in order of when the promotion ends the soonest — all end on their respective dates at 11:59 in the evening Eastern Standard Time — are as follows:

Select Terms and Conditions

Qualifying purchases do not include returns, cancellations, shipping and handling, taxes, gift card or other cash equivalent purchases, and certain products that are not eligible for bonus miles. Please allow up to ten weeks after the bonus period for bonus award miles to post to your respective shopping account. The Tier 3 bonus provides the maximum number of bonus miles which will be awarded. These promotions are void where prohibited by law.

For details on product eligibility and other restrictions, please see the respective terms and conditions of the following Internet shopping mall portal sites:


There are plenty of merchants available at all three Internet shopping portals where you can conduct shopping which you might already be doing for the next week or so — whether it is for a home improvement project or purchasing a new portable electronic device — so if you intend to spend at least $150.00 anyway, you may as well earn bonus award miles in the process.

As for which promotion is best for you depends on how you value the miles from each of the three frequent flier loyalty programs — but they are all generally the same…

…and you may want to shop at your choice of up to all three Internet shopping portals if you are interested in extending the expiration dates of your miles in any or all three of the frequent flier loyalty programs — or if you simply want to top off your account in order to have enough miles for award travel.

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  1. Jim W says

    Awesome! I had a quick question on AAdvantage…I don’t typically fly AA, but have about 5K miles sitting there that will expire at the end of the year. If I use a portal, will it show “activity” and keep those miles, or am I out of luck?

    Thanks for the info!

    • Brian Cohen says

      My experience with the American Airlines AAdvantage program is that I placed an order at the shopping portal for an item literally the night before my miles were about to expire. When the order was ready, I simply visited a location of the chain of stores to pick up the item; but of course I could have opted for the item to be shipped to my residence instead.

      My AAdvantage account showed that I had 0 miles; and when the transaction was completed weeks later, the AAdvantage miles returned to my account — along with the added miles. There was no interaction on my part necessary…

      …so in answer to your question, Jim W., you are by no means out of luck. Think about an item you were thinking of purchasing anyway and order it through the shopping portal. You can even shop around to ensure that you are paying as few dollars as possible. Once the transaction has completed, the expiration date of the miles in your account will be extended another 18 months from the date of the transaction.

      Providing this information is my pleasure; and I hope that it helps — and please feel free to report your experience.

      Happy new year to you, Jim W!

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