Virgin America: Win A Trip to See “The Space Between Us”

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Virgin America may soon be part of Alaska Airlines, but that hasn’t stopped them from coming up with cool contests. Promotions and publicity, are, after all, built into the DNA of the company. In this case, they’ll hook you up in Hollywood for to see the premiere of “The Space Between Us.”

Virgin America And The Space Between Us

virgin america the space between us
Kind of sounds like a ride at Disney World

Wikipedia describes The Space Between Us as an “American teen romantic science fiction adventure drama film.” Wow, really got all the bases covered, don’t they?

Regardless, the prize sounds pretty cool. Here’s the winner receives:

  • Two round-trip tickets on Virgin America to Los Angeles for a December 11 screening. Sorry, you’ll be sitting in the main cabin. And yes, if you live in Los Angeles, they’ll give you vouchers for a future flight.
  • A two-night stay at a Los Angeles hotel.
  • Two tickets to the red carpet screening. Paparazzi not included.

Terms And Conditions

I repeat this with every contest but, like the safety announcement, it’s worth listening to. Always read the terms and conditions of the promotion.

You need to be an Elevate member and enter the contest here. Enter by December 1 to be eligible, but I would do it now, just in case. It takes about two minutes to fill out the form and costs you nothing to enter.

Whenever you enter one of these contests, keep an eye on the tax ramifications. Sometimes, the promoter will throw in a few bucks to offset the taxes on the prize. This contest does not do so. Virgin values the prize at $2,402, and you will be responsible for any taxes on it. Consult a tax adviser, not a blog, to determine your tax bill.

And that’s about all. Good luck, and hopefully you’ll be on your way to LA.