JetBlue offering 15% Rebate on Redemptions – But Act Fast!

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In typical JetBlue fashion, it announced a flash sale yesterday, but this time, on redemptions, instead of purchased tickets. Register for the promotion and make a reservation before tonight and they’ll rebate 15% of the points you spent. As always, there are some terms and conditions to go along with the promotion, but they are relatively light.

Terms and Conditions

This could be you, at 15% off. Or it could be 118% of you at regular price.

There’s a reason that they call them flash sales. The promotion was announced yesterday and expires tonight. You don’t have a long time to take your trip, either. Travel has to begin by May 9 and be finished by June 30, so you’re not going to be getting a discount into the post-school summer months. Alas, the rebate is only good for new reservations. There’s no way to apply them to an existing flight or even by making changes to an existing flight. It would be a cancellation and rebooking.

Needless to say, you need to register to be eligible, but it is open to everybody, so the registration is a matter of a few clicks of the mouse. Points will be (re)deposited 4-6 weeks after the flight.

What’s It Worth?

I value JetBlue points at about 1.5c each, so a $150 trip would cost you 10,000 points, as JetBlue charges a price in points based on the underlying cash cost of the ticket. Under this promotion, your price drops to 8,500 points, or almost 1.8c per point. Note that the points ratio varies by flight, but 1.5c should be a pretty good estimate.

The Bottom Line

These promotions are “gimmes.” It doesn’t cost you anything to register and there’s upside if you do end up using it. You’ll probably already have decided if you were going to take a trip during the promotion period, but if you were on the bubble, this rebate might be enough to make your trip worthwhile.