New FTU Advanced Event Announced With Manufactured Spend Bootcamp Included!

Many programs have recently raised the levels required for redemptions, leaving loyalty program members grasping at straws or far away from their goals. A full day intensive manufactured spend bootcamp is just the thing to figure out how to take the earning to the next level, which is offered at the new DC event announced today.

Many InsideFlyer community members missed out on the popular manufactured spend intensive bootcamp at the most recent event, while others are scratching their heads trying to figure out what it is all about.

A new Frequent Traveler University Advanced Event has just been announced, which includes a full-day intensive manufactured spend bootcamp and is being held in Washington, DC August 5-7, 2016.

What is a Frequent Traveler University (FTU)?

A Frequent Traveler University event is an opportunity to learn more about “this great hobby of traveling”. The truth is that just like with every skill or hobby, the more knowledge you have the better you get. A Frequent Traveler University is a crash course where you get a ton of information that would take you quite long time to learn otherwise, and offers fun social networking opportunities while doing it.

Speakers that have worked years to understand the complex travel landscape have been selected for their depth of knowledge, and share their knowledge with you.

What can you expect at a Frequent Traveler University event?

A weekend of meeting likeminded travelers, having fun and learning is what you’ll find at a Frequent Traveler University event, kicked off with an optional networking cocktail reception at the host hotel on Friday night.

Saturday the learning begins at the host hotel (Westin Crystal City this time) around 9am as speakers offer tips, tricks and information on everything from hotel and airline programs to “mileage running” and advanced routing redemptions. There’s a lunch break, and the day usually ends around 4pm.

Saturday night is yours to enjoy, and while some people go out to dinner with other attendees you can always just do your own thing. Sunday morning the sessions start up again around 9am, and even though there’s another full day of speakers and Q&A you are welcome to leave early to catch a flight if needed.

What do you need in order to attend? Any background knowledge?

Frequent Traveler University events are open to everyone at all experience levels, with no background knowledge necessary. Many people scribble notes furiously or take notes on a laptop, and then go home and apply what they’ve learned. Some make new friends at the events, and there is also a group of “regulars” that use the events as an excuse to travel and meet up. There’s a friendly vibe, a shared interest and all you need is the willingness to learn. You can hang back and quietly take notes, or jump right in and ask a bunch of questions that you’ve always been curious about.

Each Frequent Traveler University event also includes a raffle, where you can win great prizes. All raffle sales are tax deductible and proceeds go to the charities of Milepoint Cares.

Raffle Prizes
Raffle Prizes

Frequent Traveler University events are held at hotels all over the world, and some FTU’s have upwards of 600 attendees!

What about the Frequent Traveler University “Advanced” events? Do I need advanced knowledge to attend?

The main difference between the advanced and regular events is that the advanced offers smaller class sizes, and more time for Q&A with the speakers. Many of the topics are similar, though the folks that typically lean towards the Advanced events have already been to several of the regular events.

Frequent Traveler University Advanced events are capped at a small attendee number to allow for a more intimate setting, and upcoming locations include Washington DC, and Las Vegas, NV. Other previous locations have included San Diego, CA, Tampa, FL, and Seattle, WA. Tickets often sell out within hours for popular locations, and while tickets are nonrefundable you can transfer them to someone else for just $25 if your plans change.

Today a new Frequent Traveler University event has been announced, which will be in Washington, DC, August 5-7 2016. Perfect for a weekend get-away, you can attend just the sessions that interest you and then you have the rest of the days/evenings to yourself!

Click here to Register and purchase your ticket. Some conferences cost thousands of dollars, but the Frequent Travel University organizers work hard to keep the cost very low for attendees. The cost is just $249 for the entire weekend.

Confirmed speakers include:

– Stefan Krasowski (Rapid Travel Chai)
– Tahsir Ahsan (Bengali Miles Guru)
– Greg Davis-Kean (Frequent Miler)
— Shawn Coomer (Miles to Memories)
— Matthew Klint (Live and Let’s Fly)
— Jamie Larounis (The Forward Cabin)

What’s included?

Your ticket gives you access to all sessions and social events, including an open bar cocktail reception on Friday night, breakfast and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.

All attendees will have internet access in the conference rooms and you are encouraged to bring your laptop or tablet along (though out of respect for the speakers there are no live recordings allowed).

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you can book your Westin Crystal City hotel room at the special conference rate of $109 a night for single/double occupancy. Staying at the host hotel is not a requirement to attend, and many locals prefer to just drive to the hotel each morning and go home at night. Some folks combine a fun learning weekend with quality time by staying with family or friends.

Will you be at Frequent Traveler University Advanced in Washington, DC?

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