Hyatt Regency Austin Review

There are several Hyatt hotels in Austin, Texas but only one Hyatt Regency. The Hyatt Regency Austin, a four diamond AAA hotel, is located along the Lady Bird Lake and within walking distance to downtown. Each of the 448 rooms offers a view of either Lady bird Lake, downtown Austin, or the Texas Hill Country. Want to know more about the hotel? Keep reading for my Hyatt Regency Austin review.

I stayed here last year during the Austin Mega DO. I chose to stay here versus another hotel because I’m a Hyatt Diamond (who doesn’t love free breakfast).


Hyatt Regency Austin interior
The interior of the hotel is atrium styled

Like most hotels near downtown Austin, you’re on your own getting to the Hyatt Regency Austin. You can take an airport shuttle, the bus, the Metro, Lyft or Uber.  A friend and I shared Uber.

Although it was a little busy because people were also checking out, check-in was relatively painless with a separate line for Platinum and Diamond guests. The host was friendly and efficient, thanked me for being a Diamond member, gave me a quick rundown of the hotel, and my keys.

Because several Hyatt Diamonds were staying here too, all the Suites were booked. Which was fine because I didn’t intended to spend a lot of time in my room. I was given a River View Double on the 15th floor.


Hyatt Regency Austin River View Double
Hyatt Regency Austin River View Double

Note: The hotel is undergoing a $30 million renovation so the rooms have been updated since my stay.

After reading my review, the marketing manager of the Hyatt Regency Austin reached out to me and sent me a photo of the renovated rooms.

Hyatt Regency Austin renovated rooms
Rooms at the Hyatt Regency Austin now look like this

One of my favorite things about Hyatt hotels are the beds, especially the Hyatt Grand Beds. Thankfully, you don’t have to stay in a Grant Hyatt hotel to get a Hyatt Grant bed.

The beds at the Hyatt Regency Austin, while they don’t appear to be impressive, are extremely comfortable. One of those cozy, let’s stay in bed a little longer type beds.

The dresser between the beds contained an iHome stereo with a docking station and phone. The bedside lamps had electric outlets, always a plus so you can charge your phone while you sleep.

32″ flat screen TV was stationed on top of the dresser. Reception was good and there was no lag time when changing channels.

Across from the beds and closer to the window, there was a separate work area with an outlet behind the desk and a Herman Miller styled chair.


Bathroom at the Hyatt Regency Austin
Granite bathroom counter

You won’t find a shortage of towels in the bathroom. There were 3 bath towels on the towel rack and one underneath the counter.

The shower/tub combination featured an adjustable low flow shower head that had decent water pressure with consistent temperature. Although it seemed like it took awhile for the water to heat up but that could be due to timing.

But the shower curtain loved me. It kept wrapping itself around my legs. And I’m not a big girl so there was lots of room in that shower.

The exhaust fan worked well so you don’t have to wait for the mirror to clear to finish getting ready.

Sitting Area

Lakeview Hyatt Regency Austin
Downtown Austin

The sitting area consisted of a useable high-backed chair. It wasn’t all that comfortable and it faced the TV instead of the view.
Although it was a dreary day the view was awesome. I can only image how it would look on a sunny day.

The closet was the standard double closet complete with an iron and ironing board.

Room temperature was perfect and if you wanted to, you could adjust the temperature controls.

Elite Status Recognition & Benefits

As a Hyatt Diamond you’ll be thanked for your loyalty, given an option of points or amenity, and free breakfast during your stay. Everything is notated on your account so there are no coupons you have to present at breakfast.

Room upgrades are given when space is available.


Southwest Bistro, Hyatt Regency Austin
Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Southwest Bistro

The Hyatt Regency Austin has a pool, but it’s only opened part of the year. And strangely there is no gym or fitness center.

The Southwest Bistro is open through out the day. As part of the free breakfast for Hyatt Diamonds, you can either have the breakfast buffet or order from the menu.  I recommend the Freebird Chicken & Waffles.

Cost & Summary

The rate was expensive, about $250 a night. They didn’t offer a Points + Cash rate (too many other Austin Mega DO attendees grabbed all the Points + Cash rates so they could use their Diamond Suite Upgrades.)  So I used all points. As a Category 4 hotel, you’ll pay 15,000 points for a free night. Considerably cheaper than paying cash.

The location is great and despite the atrium style, the rooms were quiet and each room has a view. I’d definitely stay here again.


Release Date

February 17, 2016


Walking distance to downtown
All rooms have a view
Generous breakfast policy


Seasonal pool.
No gym. But that's not a con for most people :)


Overall Rating


If you want to stay close to downtown but without the noise and congestion and want to stay at a Hyatt hotel, the Hyatt Regency Austin is a good pick.



  1. Daniel Palen says

    Last time I stayed here, they had a small fitness room just before the door that exits to the pool area. Was it boarded up?

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