Admirals Club Review, Washington National Airport

a room with tables and chairs


The Washington DC Admirals Club is one of the smaller ones in the system, but I found seating to be more than adequate and the service friendly.

I visited the club on the evening of September 24 with my family. The club is located directly after security in the B Terminal on the Mezzanine level. In fact, it is so close to security that we walked by it the first time. It’s not a large club, but it had plenty of seating and, even more important, tons of electrical outlets. We found four seats together easily and plugged in the iPads, keeping the kids happy.  Club amenities were basic, but nice. The WiFi speed was excellent, the bathrooms clean and the bar always had at least one free bartender.



Upside: The service was outstanding. The front desk agents were friendly and helpful, while the club attendant was in constant motion removing dirty dishes and filling up the food. When she saw that we had two kids with us, she ran over to the bar to get them apple juice. When we left, we gave her a few AA “Applause Certificates” and sent a letter to the company complimenting her.

Downside: Admirals Clubs are not known for their food and beverage choices, and this one was no exception. There was a tray of vegetables, a couple of nut and Chex Mix dispenser and two containers for soup (only one of which was being used). If you have a sweet tooth, there were also a some dry cookies and brownies. There was also food for sale, but DC has a number of restaurants in the terminal. You would be wise to visit one of those if it’s mealtime.


Overall: It’s not luxurious, but the DCA lounge more than gets the job done. There’s plenty of space to spread out and either work or relax, and the staff is eager to help. Food and beverage offerings are poor, but that’s the case with AA lounges. Overall, I’d give the lounge a 4/5 rating.


Terminal B, Mezzanine, Immediately after Security


Sunday-Friday, 4:30 am – 10:30 pm
Saturday: 4:30 am – 8:30 pm



Excellent staff and plenty of space means that you'll get a lot accomplished, whether it is working or relaxing.


Food is an afterthought, with mostly snacks and junk food. There is only a small selection of healthy choices.



Size and Comfort

Food and Beverage

Overall Rating


Although the lounge is small and the F&B offerings are sparse, plenty of amenities and excellent service make the difference.