Developing World Connections is Asking for Aeroplan Miles

Donate Your Aeroplan Miles to Developing World Connections

Developing World Connections (DWC) provides international volunteer experiences in developing nations to work on sustainable projects that better the lives of some of the world’s most impoverished people.

Aeroplan members can donate their miles to Developing World Connections so the organization can use them for its travel needs. The donated miles mean that instead of spending valuable dollars on necessary travel costs, DWC can funnel that money directly into their programs and projects.

DWC’s goal is to raise 150,000 miles before the campaign ends Jan. 1, 2015. If DWC reaches 90 percent of that goal, Aeroplan will donate the remaining 10 percent.

To learn more and donate your miles, click HERE.

Developing World Connections
A Developing World Connections volunteer and locals working on a water project in India.

Developing World Connections is a grassroots, registered non-profit and Canadian Charitable Organization with no professional, political or religious affiliation.



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