Best First Class

Best First Class

Flightfox recently released their list of the 24 best first class cabins with Singapore Suites, Cathay Pacific First Class Suites, Emirates First Class Suites, Etihad Diamond First and Lufthansa First Class capturing the top five spots on the list. BoardingArea’s Gary Leff and Lucky were asked to submit their picks for the best first class products in a new feature called Flight Blogger Ratings. While they both agreed with Flightfox ratings of Singapore Suites as number one and Cathay Pacific First Class Suites as number two, Gary disagreed with Lufthansa First Class being ranked fifth by Flightfox, and instead ranked it number 14 on his list. Lucky rated ANA First Square as third with Asiana First Class Suite and Swiss First taking fourth and fifth.

On his blog, View from the Wing, Gary explained, “I don’t buy ranking BA better than Malaysia and Thai, and Lufthansa better than Singapore, Etihad and Qantas. Of course, others don’t buy the high rating I give to Thai! It all comes down to weighting the different elements of experience.” On his blog, One Mile at a Time, Lucky echoed the challenge of ranking a long list of airlines one by one, “I think the top handful of airlines perform at such a high level, that the best experience really comes down to the exact circumstances that day, like which route you’re flying, how exceptional your crew is, whether you’re originating at their hub or an outstation, etc.”

The Flightfox rankings as well as Lucky’s and Gary’s picks for best first class cabins can be viewed at

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