Miles Needed for TropicalClinics in Africa

Mileage Donations Needed for TropicalClinics

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We occasionally hear from individuals and groups who are seeking mileage donations and have a sister website at where individuals may request award ticket donations. Recently, we heard from Margaret at TropicalClinics.

TropicalClinics ( provides much-needed medical attention to the residents in and near Kakamega, Kenya. TropicalClinics, a nonprofit organization in Princeton, N.J. is asking frequent flyers to donate miles/award tickets for medical professionals from the U.S. to fly to Kenya to deliver medicine and provide medical services at the clinic there. The airlines of most interest are Delta, American, KLM and Virgin Atlantic.

The next trip is scheduled for Sept. 15, followed by Nov. 15 and March 30, 2015.

Margaret explained the needs of the people who are served by the clinic in this way:
One in 19 women die in childbirth. I have witnessed pregnant women riding on bicycles and bleeding to death because they had to travel long distances on rugged roads to reach the nearest medical facility. Hundreds of people were literally walking around with high blood pressure levels of 200/130 mmHg (normal levels 120/80mmHg) because they don’t have access to screening and treatment. Most of them die young in their 40s. Many children, nearly 40 percent, do not live to see their fifth birthday—dying from weakened immune systems from malnutrition and vaccine-related diseases. TropicalClinics has set up a fully functional medical center with state-of-the-art medical equipment, supplies and medicine sourced from the United States. Many of the rural people in Kenya now have access to quality medical services at TropicalClinics. Also, we have volunteer doctors, registered nurses and midwives willing to travel from the U.S. to our clinic in Kenya to offer medical services, to women, children and their families in rural Kenya. We are planning to sponsor their tickets to the clinic to ease the cost of traveling so far away to support the impoverished communities of rural Kenya.

If you would like to donate your miles/award tickets to TropicalClinics, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get you in touch with Margaret.


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