Real-Time Mobile Updates with iBeacon on American Airlines

Get real-time American Airlines flight and airport information with latest iBeacon technology

American Airlines has signed on to become the first U.S.-based airline to introduce iBeacon, which allows American Airlines passengers to receive real-time updates via their mobile devices.

Users can receive flight information, gate changes and boarding updates as well as related airport information including directions, estimated walk times to gates and airport lounge access while visiting airports.

The capability will be rolled out domestically first with plans for an international expansion. To use the service, passengers must download the AA app from American Airlines and agree to receive updates.

AA iBeacon mobile phoneApple’s iBeacons have been installed at Dallas/Ft. Worth’s Terminal 4 as part of a pilot program with American that will allow beta users to try the program on select routes. The installation of 100 iBeacons at DFW represents the largest scale use of iBeacons to date.

You can download the AA app HERE.

Earlier this year, Virgin Atlantic installed a limited number of iBeacons at London Heathrow as part of a small scale pilot program.

There have been mixed reviews on this new app. Have you downloaded it?

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