Frontier's Cleveland and Beyond

Frontier's Cleveland and Beyond

If you live in Cleveland or travel to Cleveland, you might be interested to know about Frontier Airlines’ bonus offers this summer. You can earn double EarlyReturn miles when flying between Cleveland and Raleigh/Durham, Seattle or Tampa, June 15 through July 15; between Cleveland and Ft. Lauderdale, from June 14 through July 14 and between Cleveland and Ft. Myers, Atlanta, Orlando or Phoenix, from June 13 through July 13.

There are also double miles offers featuring flights between Denver and Bakersfield, Idaho Falls, Memphis, Missoula or Sioux City; between St. Louis and Portland or San Francisco; between Trenton/Princeton and Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, Augustine and between Wilmington/Philadelphia and Atlanta or Detroit.

You can access information for all of the offers at

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