AA and US Bags

AA and US Bags

American Airlines has refined its baggage policy, eliminating free bags for those customers who fly on full-fare economy tickets and those who pay a premium in award miles for AAnytime awards.

Other changes include some elite members will now get one fewer checked bag than what was offered in the past. This means Gold will now get one free bag; Platinum will get two and Executive Platinum members will get three.

For US Airways elites, Gold and Platinum Preferred members will get two free checked bags when flying coach and up to three bags in first or business class and Chairman’s Preferred members can check up to four free bags in first class. Another change for US Airways elites is that the first class mileage upgrade fee will no longer be waived for Preferred members. Mileage upgrade fees range from $25 to $300 depending on flight length and region. And to align with American’s credit card, US Airways MasterCard holders now get a free checked bag on US Airways flights (for cards of at least $79 annual fee).

Bottom line: American also made changes to some of the costs to check bags. You can read full information here: http://www.insideflyer.com/link/?11314 — Some of the changes include, for flights within and between the U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada, all will remain the same (starting at $25 for the first checked bag) except that now, the fourth and additional pieces will cost flyers $200 each, compared to $150; and flights to South America will get one free checked bag.

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