Choice Reviews

Choice Reviews is now featuring “verified reviews” that offer the scoop on stays from actual guests. Guests posting reviews on the site will be asked to provide their booking confirmation number to verify their stay at the hotel they are reviewing.

Verified reviews at feature a star-rating scale from one to five stars and will be based on “Overall Experience” scores. A third-party company will moderate the reviews and hotel responses for appropriate language and other key parameters prior to being posted. Visit to see the reviews when searching for hotel stays.

Bottom line: We read the reviews for Comfort Inn & Suites San Diego – Zoo SeaWorld Area and compared the rating to TripAdvisor. The Choice site gave the hotel four out of five stars from 181 reviews, while the TripAdvisor rating is only 2.5 stars with 527 reviews. Adding verified reviews is a good idea coming from Choice, and we like the rating system that mirrors TripAdvisor, but we think most travelers will continue to consult other sites in addition to Choice’s own to determine where to stay.

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