Priority Club Rewards Points & Cash

Priority Club Rewards Points & Cash

Priority Club Rewards has increased the cash cost of their Points & Cash awards. When the program first introduced Points & Cash awards in 2009, members could spend $30 and get a 5,000-point discount off an award night or spend $60 to get a 10,000-point discount.

Recently, the program raised the price on the $30 Points & Cash awards to $40, and members who want to get a 10,000-point discount will now need to pay $70.

Bottom line: Points & Cash awards can still be a good value for members, even with the increase in price. Priority Club Rewards, however, did not notify members of this change in advance to give members an opportunity to book stays before the change was implemented. Sure, it’s only a $10 increase, but we think it’s important to keep members informed of changes beforehand so they know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

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