US Airways PreferredAccess

US Airways PreferredAccess

Non-elite passengers on US Airways can now purchase PreferredAccess, which includes priority check-in, security and boarding–benefits that are normally restricted to elite members. Passengers can purchase PreferredAccess during Web check-in and prices start at $10 per person, per one-way flight.

PreferredAccess may not be available for all routes and be aware that priority lanes and priority security screening are not available at all airports. First class/Envoy customers and Dividend Miles Preferred members will still board ahead of passengers who purchase PreferredAccess. If your flight is cancelled, you miss a connection or are denied boarding on an oversold flight, you can request a refund at (800) 428-4322.

Bottom line: With more travelers opting to carry their bags onboard instead of checking them, overhead bin space can fill up before everyone has boarded. Being able to purchase your way to the front of the line and have access to storage space may be appealing to some travelers, especially when they also receive access to priority check-in and security lanes. Elite travelers who already receive these benefits may not appreciate sharing their priority lanes with non-elites, but it’s hard to say how many people will be willing to pay $10 or more to get ahead of the pack.

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