Weiner Flyer Goes First Class

Weiner Flyer Goes First Class

Addison the dachsund has had a frequent flyer adventure. Her owner, 14-year-old Abby, left Addison with relatives in Arizona to visit with her father over the summer in another state. The relatives then moved to Florida and lost the weiner dog.

When Abby became aware that her beloved pooch was missing she started calling area dog shelters hoping to find Addison. She was able to track the dog down via a microchip and a good Samaritan frequent flyer named Crista, who had heard of their plight, decided to bring the dog to Abby. She used her Delta miles for herself, and paid for the dog, and they were both upgraded to first class. Addison and Abby were reunited just in time for Christmas.

Bottom line: Like we say … it’s not all about the miles, but they sure come in handy sometimes.

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