AirTran Atlanta

AirTran Atlanta

AirTran Airways will soon be folded into Southwest Airlines, so in a farewell move AirTran A+ Rewards members can earn one bonus credit for every roundtrip flight from Atlanta booked by Jan. 31, 2011. Furthermore, to make it a really special goodbye, the bonus credits will count toward elite status and will be awarded to all passengers traveling on the same reservation.

An A+ Rewards member will get two flight credits for his roundtrip flight, plus one bonus credit for a total of three A+ credits earned. If you have a companion on your reservation, you’ll get four credits; two other companions, five credits; three companions and you’ll max out at six total A+ Rewards credits (four bonus credits) earned for a single roundtrip flight. Your companions will also earn the bonus credits, up to four bonus credits.

The travel must begin and end in Atlanta and the outbound flight must be taken by Jan. 31, 2011. There is no limit to the number of roundtrips a member can earn points on with this promotion and you should allow six weeks from the date of your return flight for the A+ bonus credits to post to your account. Registration prior to travel is required at

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