Fast Track to AirTran Elite

Fast Track to AirTran Elite

While most airlines’ fast track to elite offers are ending soon, AirTran Airways just announced a shortcut for A+ Rewards members to reach elite status. And the best part is that this isn’t a promotion–the reduced requirement is here to stay. A+ Rewards members who book and fly 10 one-way flights in 90 days or 25 one-way flights in 365 days will receive A+ Rewards elite membership.

Elite benefits include complimentary space-available upgrades at the gate 40 minutes prior to departure, priority standby, dedicated check-in lines and security entrances, waived fees for up to two checked bags and EarlyReturns Summit benefits when traveling on Frontier Airlines, among other perks.

Before AirTran revised this elite policy, members were required to complete 20 one-way flights on AirTran within any 90-day period or 50 one-way flights within a year.

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